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    A friend noticed my signature one day and said: "Write your name big. Don't be afraid to take up space in this world". I can try that. But the question remains: Who am I? Decision- making has never been a strength for me. Oh, I am good in a crisis (except my own). But as far as decisions that I have time to ponder--well, I always look back. So, maybe the best I can do is tell you that these are elements of me. And if you happen to recognize yourself in my own confusion, please give me the comfort of letting me know.

    Existentialist Mom and Dinner Table Philosopher

    Can't help myself.

    Closet Poet and Essayist

    Would-be fiction writer, but I just can't make anything up.

    Oh, and I actually do write in my closet.

    Home Cook

    No, I do not clean as I go.

    Special Needs Attorney & Child Advocate

    My professional expertise, that I need to share.

  • This is a collection of poems I've assembled. I am thrilled and grateful that Finishing Line Press is helping me to share them. They are easy to read--I can't stand poetry that I can't understand (sounds like a personal problem, right?)

    Here's the link:

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    These are meant to be read aloud--they are what I did with those humorous, moving everyday moments of insight that happen when you're not looking.

    Here's a short example:

    Sad lark.
    There is nothing in the sky
    to be afraid of.
    I have seen so much
    I don’t understand.
    The sun rises anyway.
    Let’s sit and talk about it:
    Plates will keep our
    knives and forks apart
    for generations after me,
    and my children will grow to
    understand as little as
    I do. Comedy will spill
    out of the ordinary,
    and comfort, comfort,
    will mean more and more
    to me. It is only sadness that
    frightens me. Everything
    else that’s hurt me
    has been a surprise.



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    The Spanish Edition is now available on Amazon!

    Thanks to the generosity of Children's Specialized Hospital.

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    And this--please look to the right--is just an idea at this point, but why not?

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